Six police officers with masks holding Wilton Police Union banner.

Who We Are

The Wilton Police Union was incorporated in 1983. It is the only recognized bargaining unit for the men and women serving as police officers in the Town of Wilton. With a membership consisting of six sergeants, four detectives, two school resource officers, and twenty-five patrol officers, we are dedicated and highly trained to serve and protect the Town of Wilton.

The Wilton Police Union also serves as a vehicle for fundraising which allows us to donate and organize events to support community members in need, as well as local charities that align with our vision for a safer world and a bright future for all.

The members of the Wilton Police Union are proud and honored to serve the community of Wilton, and thank you for your ongoing support.

Our Mission

The mission of the Wilton Police Union is to advance the professional, educational, economic and social welfare of our members, and to solidify our partnership with the community we serve. We look to achieve this through legislation, and all appropriate and legal means beneficial to the collective membership.

We are committed to developing strong relationships with our citizens and maintaining public trust and confidence through our actions and values. The members of the Wilton Police Union work every day to serve to a higher standard and are committed to performing in a manner that brings credit to and reflects favorably upon professional law enforcement and the community we serve.

We strongly believe in honesty, integrity, and open communication with those we serve.